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A key driver for the establishment of the Institute in the late 1980’s was the need to develop a research-based body of evidence for the expert opinions provided by our practitioners.  At this time, Monash University founded the Department of Forensic Medicine which became a legislated inclusion into the life and function of the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine.  The Department of Forensic Medicine has since made a major contribution to the international fields of forensic medicine, science and law with more than 1,000 publications.

Research and the ability to communicate research findings are essential to effective forensic medical and scientific practice. It is not enough for forensic experts to apply their scientific knowledge in examining patients or analysing specimens.  The results of our investigations need to directly benefit the community, as well as be communicated to and understood by the justice system.  We are committed to harnessing our specialist data to improve our service delivery, and to contribute to the international body of forensic medical and scientific knowledge. 

The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine