Who to Contact

The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine provides services to the Coroners Court of Victoria (CCOV). If you require information about a person who has been admitted to VIFM, please contact the Coroners Court of Victoria in the first instance:

Coroners Court of Victoria

Enquiries (24 hour service): 1300 309 519 (toll free) or +61 3 8688 0700

Facsimile: 1300 546 989 or + 61 3 8688 0701

Website: http://www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au/

Pathologists from VIFM work closely with trained counsellors at CCOV.  If a family or next of kin would like more information regarding the results of an autopsy, or about the coronial process, they can contact the CCOV counselling service using the contact details above. CCOV counsellors can make arrangements for the family to meet with VIFM staff if requested.

Contacting a Forensic Pathologist

We have found that where a family has an opportunity to sit down with a pathologist or one of our Clinical Liaison Nurses and discuss the results of an autopsy, this can help to alleviate a number of concerns or worries that they may have had regarding the death of a family member.

Our pathologists are also happy to discuss the results of the medical investigation with your own family doctor, so that your doctor can explain the results of the medical examination to you in a context you are more comfortable with. VIFM has an on-call pathologist who similarly can be contacted at any time via the Coroners Court of Victoria.

If you wish to speak to a pathologist or one of our highly trained clinical liaison nurses, please contact the Coroners Court of Victoria who will make the arrangements for you.

Tissue Donation

For any information regarding tissue donation, please contact one of our coordinators at the Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria on:

Enquiries: +61 3 9684 4444

Facsimile: +61 3 9686 0101

Email enquiries: dtbv@vifm.org

Other Enquiries

For general enquiries about any of the Institute’s services, please see our Contact Us page.