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    Ned Kelly’s Remains to be returned to descendants – The Guardian (UK) – 02/08/2012

    Bones of Australian oulaw will be turned over to his descendants 132 years after his execution, but his skull is still missing…
    Ned Kelly’s family gets funeral go-ahead – ABC News – 02/08/2012

    The descendants of the Victorian bushranger Ned Kelly will bury his remains in private, now that a property developer has to give them up…


    Let Ned RIP – The Border Mail – 22/05/2012

    …eight months after Kelly’s headless remains were identified by a team of doctors and scientists at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, the bushranger is yet to come home…


    World Roundup 2011 – Archaeology Magazine – Vol 65 Number 1, January/February 2012

    VIFM’s identification of Ned Kelly’s remains counts in the top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2011.
    Australian outlaw Ned Kelly’s family to hold burial – 09/11/2011 – BBC News

    Australian officials have said they will return the remains of Ned Kelly to his descendants for burial, 130 years after he was hanged for murder…. Read More

    Australian outlaw Ned Kelly’s final wish granted – 09/11/2011 – France 24

    A Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine photo shows the headless remains of Ned Kelly in Victoria… Read More
    Family will give Ned Kelly private funeral – 09/11/2011 – The West Australian

    Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine scientists led the 20-month investigation that combined DNA analysis, CT scanning, X-rays, pathology, odontology, anthropology and historical research…. Read More
    Ned to be buried alongside his family in consecrated ground – 09/11/2011 – The Australian

    The Baillieu government has agreed to return the remains… Read More

    Ned Kelly Granted dying wish – 09/11/2011 – The Herald Sun (Melbourne)

    NED Kelly’s final wish has been granted almost 131 years after his execution… Read More

    Bones of Aussie Outlaw Legend Rise Again15/10/2011 -  National Public Radio (US)

    Professor Stephen Cordner is interviewed by host, Rebecca Roberts for the ‘All Things Considered’ radio program which aired on National Public Radio in the US on 15 October 2011.

    Read transcript here. Go to NPR’s website to hear the interview.

    A jigsaw of clues finally solves the Ned Kelly puzzle - 05/09/2011 – Sydney Morning Herald

    JO CHANDLER: HISTORY endures powerfully in blood, in bone, and in the secrets families keep, as the riddle of Ned Kelly’s remains – finally laid to rest this week – testifies… Read More

    Not Ned’s Head but a ripper yarn all the same - 06/09/2011 – Sydney Morning Herald

    Ned Kelly’s skull is still at large, but the forensic detective work that identified his skeleton is now focusing on identifying another notorious killer… Read More

    Historic outlaw still one step ahead - 03/09/2011 – The Irish Times

    PROFILE: NED KELLY: A MAN WHO has been dead for 131 years made headlines around the world this week. The whereabouts of the remains of the Irish-Australian renegade Ned Kelly had been a mystery ever since he was hanged in Melbourne at the age of 25… Read more.

    Ned Kelly’s remains identified02/09/2011 –

    Kelly was the subject of the world’s first ever feature film in 1906 and, even today, opinion is split as to whether he was a cold-blooded killer or a folk hero who took a stand against colonial persecution. But the renegade’s legend lives on, Read more

    131 Years on, Ned Kelly Mystery Laid to Rest – 02/09/2011  – The Age

    Over the past two years, a team from the Victorian Institute of Forensic medicine combined the most advanced DNA technology with the most classic of historical sources… to piece together what happened to Ned… Read more

    Ned Kelly Found: The Science Behind the Story - 01/09/2011 – 774 ABC Online

    Richard Stubbs talks to two of the scientists behind the identification of Ned Kelly’s remains… (download MP3) read more

    Bones of Australia’s Jesse James Are Identified, but His Skull Remains a Fugitive - 01/09/2011 – New York Times

    MELBOURNE, Australia — Even with the best scientific techniques, you can’t always get what you want. But if you try, as the Rolling Stones put it, sometimes you get what you need… Read more

    Bones of Australian bush icon Ned Kelly identified – 01/09/2011 – SBC World News onlne

    Australian authorities have identified the remains of bushranger Ned Kelly, 131 years after the iconic outcast was hanged for murder and his body buried in the yard of a Melbourne gaol… Read more

    Remains of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly identified – 01/09/2011 – BBC News

    Victoria Attorney General Robert Clark said it was historically very significant while Kelly’s great-great-nephew, Leigh Olver, said he felt privileged… Read more.

    Ned Kelly’s Body Identified – Video – 01/09/2011 – The Guardian (UK)

    Who is Ned Kelly? - 01/09/2011 – CBS News (USA)

    The headless remains of Ned Kelly, Australia’s most storied criminal, have been identified, according to officials on Thursday. The mystery surrounding the folk hero’s final resting place is now over… Read more.

    Ned Kelly’s Skeleton Rediscovered - 01/09/2011 – ABC Online “Lateline”

    TONY JONES, LATELINE PRESENTER: The story of bushranger Ned Kelly had another chapter written today when the Victorian Government announced his body has been identified… Read more

    Headless remains of Australia’s infamous Ned Kelly identified – 01/09/2011 – The Los Angeles Times

    The headless remains of Australia’s most infamous criminal, Ned Kelly, have been identified, officials said Thursday, ending a decades-long mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the folk hero’s body…. Read more

    Notorious bushranger Ned Kelly’s remains found – 01/09/2011 – Waikato Times (NZ)

    Forensic experts have confirmed that human remains found at the old Pentridge Prison site in Melbourne are those of notorious Australian bushranger Ned Kelly… Read more.

    Hansard excerpt – Victorian State Parliament – 1 September 2011


    Ten News, Melbourne – 01/09/2011

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