A Diamond Date for VIFM

February 25th 2016

Pathology Update bannerVIFM are excited to be a part of the RCPA’s Pathology Update 2016 which brings together an impressive line-up of local and international speakers.

The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia have created an exciting program for this year’s conference which will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 February. Pathology Update is the only Australasian multi-disciplinary pathology scientific meeting and is a highlight event for many of VIFM’s forensic specialists.

Once again, the RCPA Pathology Update program features many of VIFM’s forensic experts who will be chairing panels, delivering presentations and hosting workshops on a wide range of forensic pathology topics.

VIFM’s contribution to the Pathology Update program this year includes:

The Coronial Autopsy – Where are we heading?

    • A/Prof David Ranson – The Coronial service is not a hospital autopsy service…or should it be?
    • Dr Chris O’Donnell – CT – what is its place?
    • Dr Sarah Parsons – The Genetic Autopsy

Other presentations:

  • A/Prof Morris Odell – Prior Inconsistency issues in forensic history taking
  • Dr Angela Williams – Scoping FV on the Domestic Scene
  • Dr Sanjeev Gaya – DNA decontamination protocols
  • Prof Noel Woodford – The report
  • Dr Paul Bedford – Is Forensic QA on the nose?
  • Dr Matthew Lynch – Where death delights to help the living… sometimes
  • Helen McKelvie – Comparison of the Coroners Act legislation


Pre-Conference VIFM Workshop:
Introduction to the Mortuary and the Autopsy

In the lead up to the Pathology Update 2016 conference, VIFM will be hosting a workshop on ‘Introduction to the Mortuary and the Autopsy’ on Thursday 25 February.

Held at VIFM, this unique one-day workshop is aimed at new anatomical pathology, general pathology and forensic pathology trainees and emphasises the basic principles of the post-mortem examination in the hospital (non-Coronial) environment . The course will also include principles of how to approach viva examinations of post-mortem macroscopic specimens (‘museum pots’) and the opportunity to practice in a small group.

The workshop topics include:

  • Autopsy History and Methods; Post-mortem Changes; How to Do Pots – Dr Clive Cooke
  • Museum pots (adult autopsy): small group workshops – Professor Noel Woodford and Dr Clive Cooke
  • Brain examination – what to sample – Dr Linda Iles
  • Legal, Ethical and Spiritual Aspects of the Autopsy – A/Prof Neil Langlois
  • Examination of the thorax: Heart, lungs and great vessels – Dr Sarah Parsons
  • Occupational Health and Safety – Dr Dianne Little

Find out more about Pathology Update 2016 on the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia website - www.rcpa.edu.au