2014/15 Annual Report is out now

October 21st 2015

VIFM Annual Report 2015COVER FEATURE:
“Drugs in Forensic Investigations”
The front cover of this year’s VIFM Annual Report features a diagram of a methylamphetamine molecule, more commonly known as the drug ‘ice’.


Message from the Director:

In this year’s annual report, the focus is on the impact of drugs on our community, and on our work.

The consequences of drug abuse, both legal and illicit, are not only experienced by victims, their families, and the health and justice systems, but also by our staff whose job it is to detect, record, and interpret.

Unfortunately alcohol remains the most commonly abused substance and is a significant contributor to motor vehicular trauma and interpersonal violence.

Our pathologists and clinical forensic medical practitioners are also all too frequently confronted with the devastating effects of abuse of illicit drugs and prescription medications; and the advent of newer classes of designer drugs such as synthetic cannabinoids is a constant challenge to our toxicology service in terms of their detection.

Our 2014/15 Annual Report provides insights into the problem of drugs from the perspective of forensic pathology, clinical forensic medicine, and forensic toxicology and makes for compelling reading.

Noel Woodford

Director, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine
Professor of Forensic Medicine, Monash University

Download the 2014/15 VIFM Annual Report here.


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