The Rest is Silence

May 1st 2014

The Rest is Silence from Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria on Vimeo.

Earlier this year, the Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria (DTBV) was approached by the organisers of a unique Melbourne-based arts project, The 24 Hour Experience, to tell the remarkable story of tissue donation. As one of 24 ‘living documentaries’ taking place across the city of Melbourne over a 24 hour period from 29 to 30 of March, a group of 50 members of the public were granted unprecedented access to the Institute and the co-located DTBV to gain a rare insight into the various processes involved in tissue donation here in Victoria.

The hypothetical scenario depicted in “The Rest is Silence” involves a young person who has died suddenly in a car accident. Audience members watched as a forensic technician, a tissue bank scientist, a tissue donor coordinator and a forensic pathologist acted out the roles they would routinely perform in such a tragic circumstance in order to facilitate tissue donation.

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